Holt Brothers Construction

Our Vision

As young football players, Terrence and Torry Holt had dreams of making it big in the NFL. They knew their quest would require teamwork, precision, focus, and discipline.

As young entrepreneurs, they have the same dreams of making it big in business. And they know that teamwork, precision, focus and discipline can get them there – again.

“We’re approaching the construction business methodically and strategically, and putting the building blocks in place to grow our business,” explains Terrence. “But it doesn’t happen overnight. All of our successes have come from hard work and patience. We understand that and have an end game – and that’s to be successful in what we set out to do.”

Great People + Service = Success

Like many smart business owners, the Holt brothers know that the investments they are making now will pay off later. The strategy is to position themselves for success by hiring the best people, providing great service, and keeping up with innovation. Ultimately, the goal is to be one of the large, regional construction firms in the Southeast.

Holt Walk 8


The vision is big. Constructing buildings that impact a community in a positive way. Making clients, large and small, happy. Giving back to the community through investments in non-profits and the Holt Brothers Foundation.

“These are all the hallmarks of a successful company. It’s not just about business. It’s also about building the community. And that’s what our efforts are going toward achieving,” says Terrence.