Holt Brothers Construction

Our Process

Terrence and Torry Holt are building a diverse team that reflects the makeup of the community — different ages, experiences, and backgrounds. And it’s proving to be a great fit.

The firm benefits from the youthful energy of its owners, Terrence and Torry Holt — former NFL football players with a passion for winning — and the experience of the team they are developing and growing.

Learning from and inspired by each other, they are building a business that embraces the “tried and true,” yet encourages innovation and the use of new technology to benefit clients. Everyone’s role respects tradition but embraces the future.

The Holt Brother’s approach to construction, planning, problem solving and customer service reflects this. Experience guides the way; enthusiasm for the new improves the process and the outcomes. The goal is always to minimize risk and deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

“These are the core values we embrace,” says Terrence. “We’re all part of the same team with the goal of creating a win for our clients.”