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College of Veterinary Medicine Anatomy Lab C121 Renovation

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Location: NC State University, West Campus, Raleigh NC
Architect: BBH Design
Contract Amount: $885,000

To meet current and future curricular needs and increasing enrollment, Anatomy Lab C121 and its adjacent support spaces required an update. As general contractor, Holt Brothers Construction expanded and renovated approximately 5,000 ground square feet within the existing building footprint. This resulted in a 50% increase in the anatomy lab area, an expanded multipurpose lab, dedicated plastination and dry labs, relocated offices and consolidated storage to better serve students and staff. The space also features an overhead trolley system for large animals, resinous epoxy flooring, ventilation and safety improvements.

Critical to the project’s success was skillfully working while the building was occupied. Areas surrounding the lab include one of the nation’s most advanced veterinary hospitals that had to remain open and accessible during construction. Additionally, all renovations had to occur within a tight summer time frame to keep the lab functional for the 2015-2016 school year.

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