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Erdhal-Cloyd Wing, NC State University, Raleigh NC

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Location: NC State University, Raleigh, NC
Architect: JDavis Architects
Contract Amount: 395,170

The Erdahl-Cloyd dining terrace renovation was a joint effort between NC State Univerisity’s Facilities Division and University Dining. The goal was to beautify the existing space located adjacent to the “Brickyard” to create an inviting outdoor eating space for students and faculty. The renovation also helped solve circulation issues in the terrace area so that the eating area would not be used as a cut through to D.H. Hill Library and improved site drainage. The circulation solution was accomplished by the construction of a series of seat walls, seat “steps” and large planter pots to define the dining terrace and direct pedestrian traffic around the space. This also maintained the open views and a connection to the Brickyard. Site drainage was improved via stormwater runoff being directed away from the dining hall and D.H. Hill Library and towards the tree gates and new catch basins tied to the existing storm drainage system. The space was also made ADA accessible and included double-wide doors into the dining hall to improve traffic flow.

Creating a variety of dining spaces within the terrace was key to the project. The terrace includes three dining areas — underneath the canopy, under shade trees / umbrellas and those with nothing overhead. The space also features a variety of tables and seating options with seating for two, seating for four, a standup bar and spaces to accommodate wheelchairs — approximately 200 seats in all. Special consideration was made to ensure the spaces could also double as an outdoor workspace.

The terrace is an integral color of concrete mixed with brick to take the edge off of the concrete with curved steps up to the patio. Lighting upgrades were also made to create a safer campus environment. Three lights on 12-feet high poles replaced the existing single light. Teardrop fixtures were also added.

Holt Brothers Construction was the general contractor for the project, providing leadership over eight subcontractors on an active campus and building.

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