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Location: Connecting Fayetteville Street to Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC
Architect: Surface 678
Contract Amount: $1.1 million

Originally built in the 1960s through a public-private partnership between Wachovia Bank, Raleigh Bank & Trust, and the City of Raleigh, Market + Exchange Plazas are making a comeback. Both plazas underwent extensive renovations and improvements to create a modern public space for pedestrians, small events and outdoor markets. Improvements include open areas, installation of new concrete unit pavers, concrete paving, seat walls, plantings, a storm water drainage system, electrical service, water service, an irrigation system, screen enclosures and shade structures.

The plazas are designed as a cohesive whole with a similar look and feel, but also feature distinct elements that give each space a unique use. Market Plaza’s improvements allow for pop-up retail and Exchange Plaza’s improvements incorporate a business and restaurant flair. Both provide increased visibility through the spaces with trimmed-back greenery and stainless steel overhead LED lighting suspended via aircraft cable.

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