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Marbles Kids Museum Sun Sprouts FORT

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Location: Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC
Architect: JDavis Architects
Contract Amount: $17,000

Marbles Kids Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum experience that attracts more than 450,000 visitors each year. Even with amazing exhibits in 35,000 square feet of space, Marbles needs more room for kids to play. To accomplish this, Marbles used crowdfunding to build their next creative space — a new outdoor FORT in their Sun Sprouts garden. But the community collaboration didn’t stop with the crowdfunding effort.

Holt Brothers Construction, JDavis Architects and various other partners donated their time and services to help make it happen. The team even invited the community to a building blitz. The result is a new Sun Sprouts FORT exhibit that creates a fresh area for outdoor play — play that promotes physical activity, a love of nature and imagination.

The new Sun Sprouts FORT invites kids and families to explore the Sun Sprouts garden. In this area adjacent to the FORT, kids can pick fruits, vegetables and herbs and taste them right there. The new FORT is also handicap accessible so all children can enjoy the new outdoor adventure.

Specifically, Holt Brothers Construction was responsible for preconstruction and overall construction supervision on the project, including the support structure, decking, railing and concrete footings. The project also required permitting and inspections. Collaboration with Marbles and the other community partners was key to the success of this unique community project.

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