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WakeMed General, Pediatric, Bariatric Surgery Clinic Renovation

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Location: Ashville Avenue, Cary, NC
Architect: Craig Dean Architects
Contract Amount: $198,000

Holt Brothers Construction built this new General, Pediatric, Bariatric Surgical Clinic and Timeshare by utilizing selective demolition and renovation to refresh approximately 4,200 rentable square feet of vacant medical office space in the Medical Park of Cary. The project included a three-room timeshare clinic to lease to physician groups adjacent to a four-room surgery practice which included one over-sized exam room. The two suites preserved approximately 40 percent of the infrastructure with the remainder being rebuilt to meet the needs of the clinic. The space now features specialized components, including new structural supports for overhead exam lights and bariatric-friendly doors, design and offices.

This project had several hurdles for the Holt Brothers Construction team  — unknown conflicts, time-sensitive owner modifications, metering issues and adjacent tenants. At the completion of the project, the hurdles were cleared. And most importantly, the team successfully navigated the challenges of working in a vacant suite with adjacent tenants through clear communication and a thorough schedule.

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