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Sullivan Hall, NC State University

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Location: NC State University, Raleigh, NC
Architect: Roughton, Nickelson & DeLuca Architects

At 12 stories high and containing 99 residential suites, Sullivan Hall houses the university scholars and provides a computer lab to students. The second through twelfth floors each have nine suites of four bedrooms and a bath. Renovations to the 135,530 square foot building completed over the years have converted some of these suites to lounges and telecommunication rooms.

Holt Brothers Construction completed work on one of Sullivan Hall’s renovations, which was completed on a tight time frame for the 2014-2015 school year. This included the installation of fire rated construction at two stair towers, including the walls, doors and frames, painting, fire stopping and electrical. Bath renovations were extensive as well. Existing exhaust ductwork was demolished and fire stopping in plumbing chases was installed in all 99 baths. The existing double hung windows on 11 floors were also reworked to accommodate a shutter mounted exhaust fan.

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